a community that supports women and gender minority* DJs

*trans, non-binary, gender fluid and gender non-conforming people



We nurture connection. We inspire authenticity. We support confidence. To empower oneself.

Selextorhood supports its members, from beginners to more established DJs, through community engagement.

Running regular open deck sessions in Birmingham and London, SLX offers experience behind the decks and paid DJ opportunities to members of all levels and varying styles.

Selextorhood builds confidence and members have independently hosted the late pioneer, Annie Nightingale, Radio 1 show, supported world class DJs, started their own radio shows and club nights, produced tracks, been featured on the Boiler Room platform and more!

In addition, Selextorhood provides opportunities for members to facilitate their own events, tutor others and work for the community.

To ensure growth is manageable and consistent with our aims and ethos, SLX membership is open for three months at a time.

Selextorhood regularly posts videos on Patreon to demystify DJing, the music industry and running a brand.

As a member you gain access to:

Our Discord server where you can chat and share experiences.

The back catalogue of SLX videos.

DJ bookings under the Selextorhood brand.

A supportive community and network of music lovers.

The Community Center, a member’s only site to learn about the community and what’s going on.

If you’re interested in joining Selextorhood message us on Instagram or Patreon.

Joining Selextorhood changed my life for the positive. I instantly found a community and everyone encouraged me to keep finding my sound! I only had the confidence to keep progressing in music and get the opportunities I did because of the support I got from the collective. I am forever grateful ❤️ - Saachi

I feel like with Selextorhood, you got from the community, whatever energy you put in, which is great. Whether you contribute a lot or little! - KaraKat

Joining Selextorhood not only harboured and gave me a supportive space to grow and nourish my DJ skills and go on to get some amazing gigs. It also gave me a sense of community with a group of amazing folks all wanting the best for each other, you will not regret joining! - Japes