a Birmingham based community that supports women and gender minority* DJs and producers

*trans women, AFAB, non binary, gender fluid and gender non-conforming people

We nurture connection. We inspire authenticity. We support confidence. To empower oneself.

Born out of imbalance and underrepresentation, Selextorhood started life in 2019 as monthly DJ workshops and has grown into a Birmingham based community that supports women and gender minority* DJs and producers.

Morphing and adapting to challenges the past three years have presented, Selextorhood runs both online and offline.

We hold regular social and educational events in Birmingham that center women and gender minorities. We communicate online and run production courses for the wider community.

Operating autonomously, we hope to inspire change in the music industries.

We have been working collectively to discover what safety in music venues looks like to us and how we can influence change in behaviour in the music industry. We continue to discuss what can be done to ensure everyone can enjoy DJing safely.

We held an open discussion at about safety at Brainchild Festival and have created our own Policies and Respect Contracts.

Supported by:
Youth Music Charity, Native Instruments, BIMM, Creative City Grants (Birmingham 2022)

Worked with:
DJs – Jossy Mitsu, Re:ni, Erica McKoy, Roman Candles, Frenetic, IMOGEN, Yazz Ahmed, DJ Bus Replacement Service, Manami

Organisations – Bad Girls Club, Leftfoot, Zumhof, Weird Science, Digbeth Dining Club, Midlands Art Centre (MAC), A Good Night Out Campaign, Worm Disco Club, Yard Art House, OPUS, GAP Arts Project, BOM (Birmingham Open Media)

Radio – Block Radio, Soho Radio, Noods Radio

Festivals – We Out Here (2021, 2022), Brainchild (2021), Mostly Jazz, Funk & Soul (2021, 2022), MADE (2021), Otherlands (2022), Birmingham 2022 Smithfield Festival Site

RedBull, MIXMAG, Babysteps, Slag Mag

Understanding the Community

Work With Us!

Founder, Holly Hollister: Holly founded Selextorhood in 2019 to address the imbalance and underrepresentation women and gender minorities face in the industry. Holly runs and manages SLX.

Committee: Currently made up of five people, Japes, reli.ah, Dee’Cleo, Echo Juliet and Nikki Tesla who have been part of Selextorhood since its birth in 2019. This role is similar to being a board member, the Committee shape the direction of Selextorhood’s work. 

Partnership Opportunities: When an external organisation gets in touch with SLX for a partnership or collaboration that aligns with SLX values.

Core Events

DJ Workshops: These are monthly events free to SLX members designed to Nurture the community and give members a chance to learn new skills and build confidence

Global Rotations: Curated by Dee’Cleo, GR is as event designed to Support the community and give members the opportunity to practice mixing in a safe club environment.

Courses: These usually happen with external facilitators. They are open to the wider community and are available at a discounted rate to Empower members.


Mix Series: Members create mixes that are shared on our socials, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, IG

Professional Development: When paid leadership opportunities are available to SLX members ie. facilitating at our core workshops or for partnerships with other organisations

Paid Gigs: When promoters or venues get in touch looking for SLX DJs for events. This can range from residencies, private events to festivals

Community Curated Activities: This is when people in the community put themselves forward to curate, design and deliver an event or activity under SLX branding that aligns with SLX values