a community that supports women and gender minority* DJs

*trans, non-binary, gender fluid and gender non-conforming people

Genres: Drum & Bass, Garage, Neo Soul, R&B, Rap, Synthetic Sounds
Played at: Beneculture, Birmingham Pride, Boxout Sundays, Landel & Friends, Murrfest, Yard Sessions

Mystic Meg


DJ Mystic Meg is a multidisciplinary sound artist hailing from Birmingham. She shares her love of music through well curated sets, intentional mixes and smooth transitions.

As a multi genre DJ, Mystic Meg is inspired by sounds that fuse and cross genres. As a Black woman and a member of the Selextorhood community, Mystic Meg is passionate about ensuring that womxn, non binary + gender non conforming folx are able to take up space in an industry that is often male dominated.

She cares deeply about music and DJs for love, for joy and to create spaces that keep the vibe high, unique and mystical.