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*trans women, AFAB, non binary, gender fluid and gender non-conforming people

Holly 1-10
Genres: Afrobeat, Broken Beat, Funk, Hip-hop, House, Jazz, Soul
Played at: Cafe Artum, Dead Wax, Digbeth Dining Club, Ghost Town, Hare & Hounds, KALA Festival, Mama Roux's, MoHo, NT's Loft, Spiritland

Holly 1–10


Holly 1–10 plays music focused on making you groove, from 80bpm head-nod beats to the broken 140.

Heavily influenced by the Soulquarian movement and Gilles Peterson, Holly 1–10’s sets reflect all that she absorbs from the music communities in which she’s involved.

Holly founded and runs Selextorhood. To get in touch please find her email below.