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Selextorhood/12 Week Production Course with Footshooter

12 Week Production Course with Footshooter


Time: July 02, 2020 7-8.30pm
Location: Zoom
Event Type: Course, Online
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After the success of our Production Fundamentals session, we’re excited to launch our first music production course! 

DJing and producing music are heavily intertwined and we recognise the benefits of having knowledge of them both. 

Over six sessions, you’ll learn how to make music from scratch in Logic Pro X. Going from an empty project, to a fully mixed song, the course takes in sampling, drums, harmony, melody and mixing along the way.

Hosting the course is producer and DJ, Footshooter. He frequently collaborates with incredible artists (Poppy Ajudha, Brother Portrait, Laura Misch) and makes some of our fave tunes! Sound-wise, the focus of the course will be creating warm sounding, soulful, jazz-influenced dance music.

The course includes:

Six group sessions, each 1.5 hours long, taking place every two weeks via Zoom so you have time to practice what is covered in each session

Two, 1 to 1 sessions with Footshooter, focussing on an area of your choice 

A Drum Pack with 2GB of high quality analogue drum machine samples and drum hits 

Ask Footshooter about the course on the 25th June 

Support / troubleshooting via email throughout the course

Femxle and non-binary only session


Thursday 2nd July fortnightly > Thursday 10th September 


12 Week Course:

Selextorhood Members £120 + booking fee

Non-Members £150 + booking fee


You can also book onto individual sessions:

Selextorhood Members £15 + booking fee

Non-Members £20 + booking fee





We’re awarding one space on the course to a Black womxn or non-binary person. Apply here:  

Logic Pro X is currently offering a 90 day free trial! It is only available for Apple Macs, but we’re planning courses using other software so Windows users, sit tight…


Session Breakdown:

Session 1: Introductions & Drums [1.5 hours]
Thursday 2nd July | 7pm

Introductions: so we can all know where we’re at and what we want to get out of the course. How to build beats in Logic, what samples & VSTs to use. How to make natural sounding drums and grooves. Exploration of different rhythms across different genres. (Sample Pack included for hundreds of analogue drum samples)

Session 2: Sampling [1.5 hours]
Thursday 16th July | 7pm
How to sample from audio. Sampling and chopping up famous drum breaks, creating clean loops and combining them with programmed drums. Sampling melodic/harmonic loops and vocals.

Session 3: Developing Harmony and Melody [1.5 hours]
Thursday 30th July | 7pm

Writing a chord sequence, a bassline and a melody. Adding harmony to existing drum patterns to create a song. A few basic chords and how to write a bassline within these chords.

Session 4: Turning a Loop into a Track [1.5 hours]
Thursday 13th August | 7pm

Exploring building a loop with drums, a bassline, chords and lead part, and then expanding this into a track. Looking at different structures and how to transition between sections. Intros/Outros. Arrangement.

Session 5: Mixing  [1.5 hours]
Thursday 27th August | 7pm

How to blend your instruments to create a warm, well balanced mix and to create space for everything. Use of panning and EQ in the mixing process. Different styles of mixing for different moods.

Session 6: Group Feedback Session  [1.5/2 hours]
Thursday 10th September | 7pm

An opportunity for people to share their works in progress – we can go through them as a group and work on them together.

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