A community of aspiring and practicing DJs / Music Producers for women & gender minorities*.
*trans women, AFAB, non binary, gender fluid and gender non-conforming people

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Selextorhood/Nikki Tesla

Nikki Tesla

Nikki Tesla
Genres: Bass, Electro, Experimental, Garage, Techno
Played at: Cafe Artum, Dead Wax, Digbeth Dining Club, Hare & Hounds, Space Lab

Known by the pseudonym Nikki Tesla, this DJ glides over the decks meticulously selecting tracks and crafting progressive, dynamic sets. Based in Birmingham, she began as a promoter running parties whilst at university and has continued to study, practice and perfect her dexterity as a DJ ever since.

Now a resident at Brum Radio, SpaceLab and Voyage Events, Nikki has solidified herself as a key player in the Birmingham scene having supported artists such as Ben UFO, DJ Storm and Eclair Fifi.

She addresses the gender imbalance in electronic music and gives meaning to digging by using her radio shows and DJ sets to promote music produced by femxle and non-binary people.

Nikki is the audio content manager at Selextorhood and hosts the Selextorhood’s show on Noods Radio. To get in touch please email her below.