A community of aspiring and practicing DJs / Music Producers for women & gender minorities*.
*trans women, AFAB, non binary, gender fluid and gender non-conforming people

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Selextorhood/Island T

Island T

Genres: Afrobeat, Disco, Funk, House, Jazz, Latin, Psychedelic Disco
Played at: Dead Wax, Zumhof

DJ and Birmingham Bab inspired by uplifting full rhythms and deliciously intoxicating beats. Her eclectic sets sweep across the globe – pulling in the warm sounds of afro funk, psychedelic disco, baile Latin and neo jazz.

Founder of Cry Bab Club, she seeks to create magical atmospheres. This is reflected in her selections, Island T is a love letter to those who have influenced her musical and artistic style.

She has a monthly radio show on BLOCK, were her show ‘Stereo Hues’ takes a colour or tone and matches the vibrations to a killer set of tunes.